Best of Broadway SHOWKIDZ - ANNIE

One hundred thirty children will experience the national tour of ANNIE this weekend on complimentary tickets provided by WestCoast Entertainment’s SHOWKIDZ program.  Without a doubt, the experience will be a lifetime memory for them all!

ShowKidz Girl Photo

The SHOWKIDZ program provides complimentary tickets to organizations whose mission includes serving under-privileged youth.  For most of the children, receiving a SHOWKIDZ ticket means their first trip to the INB Performing Arts Center and their first live theatrical performance experience. 


Arts education studies over the past decade have shown:

  • Arts education connects students to the larger world, ultimately improving community cohesion.
  • A correlation can be made between arts education and improved literacy skills.
  • Students who have exposure to drama, music and dance are often more proficient at reading, writing and math.
  • Graduation rates may be improved by arts education.


Over the past thirty years of presenting the Best of Broadway series, we have heard countless stories of how attending a Broadway show has inspired the dreams of area youth.  We are thankful to the generous season ticket holders and our local stagehands union, Local 93, who fund the SHOWKIDZ program and ensure tickets continue to be provided to those who might not otherwise have an opportunity to experience live theatre.


For more information on SHOWKIDZ, visit


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